Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death on SNES Hits Kickstarter

Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death hit the flash scene a few years ago, and is now set for a SNES release thanks to Kickstarter. Popular Youtuber Gamester81 created the page for a company he does work with – Collectoruision. Their goal is to release this action puzzle/platformer on the SNES at the beginning of next year. The game will contain ten levels, with stretch goals including an easy mode, extra levels, and a variety of ports. An NES port will be done at $30,000, while $50,000 will add 8-bit graphics to the SNES incarnation as an option.

$35,000 results in a Wii U port, while $40,000 brings it to the Xbox One. When it comes to tiers, $20 and under gets you some physical goodies like a soundtrack and/or a trading card, while $35 gets you the game in either NTSC or PAL incarnation. Some Kickstarters for SNES games will include a lower-priced tier that gets you a ROM file good for emulators – but this doesn’t have one. Still, $35 for a brand-new SNES game (granted, a cart-only version at that price) isn’t bad.