Battlefield 4 Spring Patch Will Bring Big Fixes, But No Night Maps

Believe or not, Battlefield 4 is still receiving big updates a year and a half after release; you’re lucky if you get six months, much less 18. The latest update coming will be the big Spring patch, designed to add content and fix a lot of the game’s biggest problems, like the awful hit registration problem that was introduced in the big Winter patch. But DICE’s David Sirland confirmed on reddit recently that night maps will not be coming just yet:

During this first week(s) we will start by focus-testing the new netcode (for more details check these informative videos: [link], [link]). This means we will run a limited amount of servers, and we will turn off night maps until further notice (bummer).

The reason we do this is twofold: There is no night map in the Spring release (bummer, but we needed more time), and we need to make sure some of the crashes we see are indeed content and night map related. In essence we need the CTE [community test environment] to reflect what will be in the Spring release.

It’s unfortunate that the night maps won’t make it into the Spring update, but more important is fixing that hit registration issue. Players have posted dozens of videos like the one embedded below, showing them emptying entire magazines into other players only to have none of the shots actually register and no kill was made.

As well, the update will bring an improved 60Hz server refresh rate, doubling the current refresh rate to dramatically increase responsiveness, five new weapons, and Gun Master mode in which each player starts with the same weapon and each progressive kill will swap their weapon out for a more advanced one.

It’s great to see DICE continuing to update Battlefield 4, not just to make up for how disastrous the game’s launch was or to reward the community’s loyalty for sticking with it, but because it means DICE’s upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront has a greater chance of not falling into the same trap upon release. Plus, for all its technical flaws, Battlefield 4 was still a ton of fun online. No, not Bad Company 2 fun, but still fun.