Bomb Threat Called in on EA Burnaby, Employees Not Informed

Troubling news today as a bomb threat has reportedly been called in on Electronic Arts’ office in Bunaby. The police scanner twitter for Britsh Columbia reported the threat, saying that a bomb threat was e-mailed to EA Burnaby:

Police are on scene investigating, but more troubling is the fact that employees don’t seem to have been informed with multiple currently tweeting their confusion on the situation.

Release Manager Andrew Ferguson tweeted “I am literally in this building and found out via Twitter. What the hell?!” and followed up saying “as someone currently in this building, please provide updates if possible.”

Designer Douglas Fowler (Dev QA on Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare), on the other hand, questioned if they should leave the building with even more employees looking for answers.

At this point it seems unclear why employees were not briefed of the situation or told to evacuate the building, but perhaps the police want to find a credible threat before creating a panic.

In any case, we’re following the story and will report back when more information is released.