Garfield Kart Racing Game Coming to 3DS

Yesterday, Nintendo bombarded us with excitement from all directions, be it news concerning amiibo, 3DS games or Wii U games. Unfortunately for lasagna fans, they ran out of time and couldn’t mention one more (massive) handheld game coming this June.

Move over Mario Kart, here comes Garfield! According to Amazon Germany, Garfield Kart is making its way to the 3DS on June 19. Everyone’s favorite lasagna-eating, lazy cat is getting behind the wheel and hitting the road. Join Garfield, Odie, John, and (hopefully) all of his friends as they race down sixteen different tracks. Apparently, you’re competing to collect special hats and other items, or something, because of course you are.

It won’t replace the likes of Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, or even Chocobo Racing but hey, it’s got Wi-Fi, and that’s something at least. There already happens to be an app called Garfield Kart Fast & Furry, which seems awfully similar to the 3DS game; but two is better than one. Garfield Kart will cost you €29.99 and is currently available for preorder.

garfield kart cover