How to Defeat Martyr Logarius in Bloodborne

If Bloodborne was any old game, you’d probably expect the final boss to present the biggest challenge. Unfortunately for those out there looking to breeze their way through the beginning and middle of From Software’s latest title, the single most difficult boss fight comes during an optional battle that becomes available roughly halfway through the campaign. If you followed our guide for getting to Forsaken Castle Cainhurst, or if you are just awesome at exploring, you’ve likely hit a proverbial wall on its rooftop. Martyr Logarius presents an incredible challenge due to his combination of Arcane powers, homing attacks and strong physical attacks. Luckily for you, we have a detailed explanation on how to take out this obnoxious enemy.

Before diving into this battle, it’s extremely helpful to have an outfit with high Arcane defense. The kit of choice is the Tomb Prospector Outfit, which you can get via the Bath Messenger after unlocking the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge in the top level of the Healing Church Workshop. In order to get access to this area, you’re going to want to defeat the Blood-starved Beast and speak to Gehrman in the Hunter’s Dream, as this sequence of events will unlock the right-hand door near the Cathedral Ward lamp. There are a number of other outfits available that have a high level of Arcane defense, but the Tomb Prospector gear has a higher base defense statistic than pretty much all of them. Due to the power of Martyr Logarius’ tracking attacks, you’re going to want to make sure that you have as many Blood Vials as possible. Having one of the Communion Runes will allow you to increase your base Blood Vial count, which could prove to be invaluable in this challenging fight.

You’re going to want to take an extremely conservative approach with Martyr Logarius, as he has a tendency to knock you down and follow up with a number of near-lethal attacks. The best time to attack him is after dodging his leap attack (he’ll rest for a few seconds after this), after he attempts a series of standard attacks with his scythe, or whenever you can get behind him. One of his attacks sends a red, homing ball of Arcane energy towards you, and while it may seem wise to attack him at this time, there’s a fair chance that getting too close to him will cause you to have the vast majority of your health eliminated. One of the simplest techniques for creating the space necessary for getting some quality melee time in is to position one of the minature rooftops in the arena between you and Logarius. Not only will these square structures absorb his Arcane attacks, but by rolling around to his back, you should have the ability to get a few attacks off before dashing away to use your Blood Vials.

After a certain point in the battle, Logarius will slam his smaller sword into the ground, causing a flurry of Arcane blades to fly in your direction. The only way to stop this is to find the original sword and destroy it. This can be accomplished through either a single melee attack or one gunshot, and once you learn what to look for, this once lethal attack becomes a walk in the park. Another way to take Logarius out fairly quickly is to get close enough to him to lure out his physical melee attacks and initiate a Visceral Attack at the peak of his swing. If you play aggressively, it’s entirely possible to force the fight into a loop of constant Visceral Attacks, but this should only be attempted by highly skilled players. The safer way to go about things is to try and get a Visceral Attack in here or there in between quick R1 melee attacks at his back.

Once you’ve defeated Martyr Logarius, you’ll receive a healthy dose of Blood Echoes, and arguably the coolest piece of headgear in Bloodborne: the Crown of Illusions.