Humble Weekly Argh Bundle Released

If you like having your mettle tested on a second by second basis in games, then this week’s Humble Bundle is for you. The Argh bundle comes by its name honestly with a handful of hard games. You can pay whatever you want for Cook, Serve, Delicious, QP Shooting – Dangerous, and Velocibox. Those willing to beat the average of about $4 get Woah Dave and Tales of Maj ‘Eyal. However, paying $8 or more gets you everything and Wings of Vi.

Wings of Vi alone costs $15, so even maxing this out saves you nearly 50% on that game. It looks like a fun hack and slash/action platformer akin to the Mega Man Zero games – only with a busty angel instead of an angsty robot. You WILL watch his highlights set to “Numb” and you will like it! This bundle gets you a hardcore cooking sim (sadly without Gordon Ramsay cursing you out – although you could watch his shows on Hulu in the background to simulate the experience), roguelikes, and some action-based platforming.