Six Years After Release, Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Three New Maps

So, OK, Red Faction: Guerilla, as we’re all aware, was a fantastic, fantastic game with seriously some of the best destruction in any video game to date. It came out in 2009. Two years ago, Guerrilla‘s publisher, THQ, went bankrupt and sold the rights to Red Faction: Guerrilla to Nordic Games, who has been doing the Lord’s work ever since, replacing the PC version’s Games for Windows Live integration with Steamworks, and fixed a bunch of bugs.

Today, Nordic Games is bringing three free new maps for the game’s Wrecking Crew mode.

Amazing. There have been a lot of bummer stories lately, like all the games being pushed to 2016 or even the recent bomb threat, but this is definitely the feel-good story of the week for me. Excellent work, Nordic Games. Excellent work indeed. (Now let’s see a proper sequel.)

If you’ve got the Steam version of Guerrilla, give these new maps a whirl.