Sony Acquires OnLive – Shutdown Coming April 30

OnLive announced today that Sony has acquired “important parts” of the company. OnLive was quit the online streaming innovator when it began. Its microconsole and controller setup were affordably-priced, and their playback plans gave you monthly access to a slew of games much like today’s Playcast and PlayStation Now services. Sony acquired Gaikai to build what would become PS Now.

OnLive’s service will end on April 30, and no refunds will be offered for game purchases or subscription plans. This is in a small sense, an example of what can happen if you go all-in on subscription models as players could pay $60 for a new release via streaming and now wind up with literally nothing to show for it. Game access will end and you can’t even move an OnLive subscription over to a PS Now one. OnLive’s hardware also becomes effectively useless as well, with the microconsole and base controller only working with one another.

As someone who bought an OnLive microconsole for HomeFront and had a Playpack for a few months, I can say that I’m glad the service is finally coming to an end. I was willing to give it a shot, but it never quite got to where it should’ve been even with a wired connection. Heck, PS Now isn’t perfect, and that came out with a far bigger budget behind it. I don’t feel ripped off though, because I haven’t used the service for many years and even with the April 30 deadline, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll log into the service again. OnLive’s day has been done and this acquisition just gives investors some kind of a return on their investment.