Vortex Bundle Released

The Bundle Stars are back with a brand-new bundle full of variety. For $2.99, you’ll get the Alien Breed Trilogy, Qora, ThreadSpace: Hyperbol, StuntMania Reloaded, Dodge,  Incognito, Starlaxis Supernova Edition, Cooking Academy: Fire and Knives, Foresight, and Elements: Soul of Fire. This bundle features a blend of RPGs, shooters, racing games, puzzlers, and even something that can relax you with Qora.

In the case of Cooking Academy, you’re actually getting a trilogy, so for $2.99, you’re getting a total of 14 games. The Alien Breed Trilogy alone is worth getting in this, and that normally sells for $10. This is an excellent value overall and a must-buy if anything in it interests you. This bundle ends in two weeks, so be sure to snag it before it’s too late.