How to Beat Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

No single boss battle in Bloodborne has the ability to simultaneously build up your spirit and crush your hopes quite like the fight against Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos. While this relatively slow enemy is simple to do damage to, has a prominent weak spot, and has extremely telegraphed attacks, she also has a power that can kill you in a single blow. Because of this, you’re going to want to play far more conservatively than you think you should, as death can arise at any instant. It goes without saying that you should have a powerful weapon, high character statistics, and a full supply of Blood Vials. Luckily for you, the entrance to this battle is located right next to the Lumenflower Gardens lamp, so it’s entirely possible to build up your supplies before heading into battle.

After defeating the Celestial Emissary and lighting the Lumenflower Gardens lamp, you’re going to want to turn in the opposite direction of the Garden itself and smash through the large window in front of you. Head across the balcony and down the elevator at the end of the hallway, making sure to keep an eye out for the two Celestial enemies hiding in the elevator room. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos is located in this large room, and the battle can be initiated by running up to her and attacking her once. Bear in mind that no damage can be done during her initial rising animation, so it’s best to run away and take note of your surroundings in the moments before the fight actually begins.

The basic strategy for this fight involves a great deal of melee attacks to Ebrietas’ sides and back, which will eventually cause her to fall over, thus leaving her skull vulnerable. A massive amount of damage can be done to the crown of her head, so using your charged R2 attack to stun her is advisable whenever possible. The first segment of the battle will see Ebrietas attempt to swipe at you with her tentacles while occasionally lunging and charging at you (these two attacks can do massive damage). Avoiding her physical attacks is relatively easy if you consider yourself to be good at side-stepping and dodging, so play it safe and try not to get too greedy. It’s entirely possible to glitch out this fight by wedging yourself between her two back tentacles on the ground, which gives you ample time to deal some heavy damage before she eventually wriggles away.

After her health reaches the 50% mark, two very dangerous things will happen. First and foremost, Ebrietas will spawn a force field around herself, which does damage to your character over time. This isn’t the biggest concern in the world if you dodge liberally, as it isn’t to difficult to get in and out of this aura without taking too much damage. The second new attack, Ebrietas’ charge move, will cause three waves of lasers to spawn out of the air around her. This attack will kill you almost instantly (which is as disheartening as it gets) if you don’t constantly dodge, so whenever you see a blue light appear above her head, make sure to hit the circle button as much as humanly possible. Other than these two wrinkles, the general strategy will remain the same: do damage to her sides and back, attempt to stun her, attack the crown of her head, and constantly dodge her physical attacks. If you’ve played things smartly, this battle will wind up being a breeze.

If you’ve followed our boss guides up to this point, congratulations are most certainly in order. You’ve defeated every mandatory and optional boss in Bloodborne‘s campaign, and you’re now ready to see everything the Chalice Dungeons have to offer.