Strafe Speed-Run Demo Updated With Prizes for the Speediest

Strafe got a demo at the tail end of its Kickstarter as a last attempt to push it over goal.  It turns out that was a winning strategy, reinvigorating the languishing campaign and seeing it wrap up at 112%, comfortably over the minimum.  Still, there’s no way to avoid that the demo was put together fast and held together with the coding equivalent of duct tape and wishful thinking, so Pixel Titans have spent some time updating it to better show off their game.  It’s still the same 90s-style FPS level, but weapons are beefier, effects are nicer, you can invert mouselook, and there’s even an online leaderboard.  Still no fullscreen with resolution options, sadly, but it does come with a pair of prizes for the fastest gamers, so that makes up for a lot.

What 90s gamer could go without a killer denim jacket?  Pixel Titans had a pair made for GDC and are using them as the prizes for the fastest speed-runners on the leaderboard, but only if you’ve got video backing up your run.  Seeing as times are running at 3 minutes or less that’s not an overwhelmingly large amount of recording you’ll need to do to prove your crazy skills, so grab the demo and get competing.


Jackets worth competing for? Oh yes!