‘Angry Joe’ Refusing to Stream Nintendo Games Anymore

“Angry Joe” Vargas, a popular YouTube streamer with a subscriber count at nearly 2 million, has posted a video today outlining his frustrations with Nintendo and why he will no longer be streaming any more games from the company.

After Vargas posted a video of himself and a few friends playing Mario Party 10 for Wii U, Nintendo issued him a copyright claim on the video, which doesn’t remove it necessarily but would grant Nintendo all revenue generated by it. Vargas responded by taking the video down and taking to Twitter to vent his frustrations with the company, promising that it would be the last video he ever does of a Nintendo product.

Nintendo has a “Creator’s Program” agreement with streamers like Vargas that puts heavy restrictions on which of the company’s games can be used — Mario Party 10 is not yet one of them — and guarantees Nintendo a 40 percent cut of all revenue. The program was met with heavy criticism, but many streamers still accepted it as it became the only way to successfully post videos featuring Nintendo’s games on YouTube without getting hit with copyright claims by Nintendo.

As Vargas argues in his video above, Nintendo absolutely has the legal right to enforce its rules and flag Vargas’ Mario Party 10 video, but Vargas argues that it’s a ridiculous right to enforce. He lists all his hardware he bought from Nintendo to make the video happen, totaling about $900, and asks why that isn’t enough for Nintendo, who will still benefit from the exposure to Vargas’ audience.

Whether or not this will lead to real change from Nintendo or if more high-profile streamers will need to follow suit remains to be seen.