SOCOM Successor ‘H-Hour: World’s Elite’ Shows Off Gameplay

If you can’t wait to go back to the days of PS2-era shooters, you might want take a look at what’s coming from the spiritual successor of the SOCOM series. While it’s definitely still a work in progress, the folks at SOF Studios have a bit of early gameplay footage to show for their upcoming title, H-Hour: World’s Elite.

H-Hour is definitely going to resonate with hardcore SOCOM fans, as all the familiar tactical military action is coming back in full force. In this footage, we get to see a shootout at an abandoned train car; judging from the gameplay, this particular environment looks very open, yet still has enough cover to be stealthy. Grenades and automatic firearms are still part of the arsenal, so those afraid of a dumbed-down experience should have some of their fears eliminated. As with previous SOCOM games, H-Hour is definitely meant for play with team tactics in mind. The better your team cooperates, the more likely you’ll survive, and thus be able to carry out every mission.

H-Hour: World’s Elite is set for release on Steam, though a PlayStation 4 version is reportedly in the works. If you want to learn more about H-Hour and SOF Studios, go check their official website out.