Mod Goes Beyond Half-Life 2: Episode Two

After two years of work by one person, Transmissions: Element 120 is finally finished and ready for public consumption.

The Half-Life 2 mod is a short single player campaign that takes place after the events of Valve’s Episode Two. Verticality plays a big part in the experience by featuring a highly-modified gravity gun that allows for safe long-jumps and falls. Several enhancements to the Source engine have also been applied by the developer including improved dynamic lighting, support for more complex physics structures and better situational awareness from AI.

All the nights and weekends of hard work may have already paid off, as it appears as though the solitary developer has been offered a job interview at Gearbox Software (unverified). Whatever the case may be, the two-year project is complete and can now be downloaded for free. You can also vote for the mod on Steam Greenlight, should you feel compelled.

Check out the short trailer below: