Ridiculous Horseplay in Finger Derpy is Ridiculous

If there’s one thing Mommy’s Best Games knows (hint: it’s not sending you countless Candy Crush invites on Facebook), it’s how to amp up the crazy. The Serious Sam Double D developer brought the madness to a series best known for its, well, madness. And now they’re tackling a sport rarely exploited with finesse: horse racing.

Enter Finger Derpy, an Android and iOS game in which players tap a horses hooves in order to advance in a race of rotating equestrian silliness. In order to keep the horse from spinning around the screen like a ballerina Taz, players will have to tap with both fingers harmoniously.

Like in all regulation horse races, the track is also littered with obstacles for your dodging pleasure. Playing through the game — which is essentially a never ending race for a finish line that doesn’t exist — unlocks new breeds of horses with different and — probably — helpful abilities.

The game launches April 9, 2015. Check it out and let us know if it’s as likely to cause an “accident” as Swing Copter.