Humble Indie Bundle 14 Adds Three Games To Lineup

Last week, the Humble Mobile Bundle 14 launched with a slew of games for a great price. Today, three games were added to the Beat the Average lineup. In addition to getting Outlast, Torchlight II, and La-Mulana in that tier, you can now get 140, MirrorMoon EP, and Contraption Maker. MirrorMoon EP alone is easily worth recommending in this tier as it’s a stunning space exploration game that challenges you and allows you to relax at the same time. 140 is a minimalistic platformer with a bare-bones visual style, while Contraption Maker comes from the team that created the original Incredible Machine games.

As someone who spent quite a bit of time playing those in middle school, this bundle is tempting to just rekindle those memories as well. Realistically, everything in the Beat the Average tier is worth the price of admission. In the case of Torchlight II, you have a very well-reviewed game that usually sells for $20 on its own. Thanks to its inclusion of not only a lot of high-quality games, but also a lot of things that aren’t normally in bundles, this is a must-buy deal now.