Killing Floor 2 Gets Early Access Treatment

Tripwire Interactive announced today that their highly-anticipated co-op shooter will be releasing through Steam Early Access on April 21. Players willing to cough up $30 USD should initially have access to at least four classes, three maps and an assortment of monsters to gun down and mutilate to their heart’s content.

Tripwire president, John Gibson, told PC Gamer in a recent video that they intend to show people how to do Early Access the right way. Gibson admitted that their own games have often launched with too many bugs and that EA would provide an opportunity to polish Killing Floor 2 before its final release. They also want to give the modding community a head start.

“We’re going to ship the Early Access version of the game with a mod SDK,” he said. “Initially it will be limited to creating maps, creating levels. We’re going to open that up later to be able to create code mods, everything from mutators to total conversions.”

As a sequel, Killing Floor 2 takes place approximately one month after the events of the original 2009 retail game. Continental Europe is overrun with biologically engineered monsters and its up to groups of civilians and mercenaries to band together in its defense.

Killing Floor 2 is also in development on PlayStation 4; however, its release date remains unknown.