Broforce Expands its Alien Expansion Expansively

Today, Free Lives and Devolver Digital have announced that Broforce’s popular Alien Expansion has received a handful of new levels, enemy types, and features that bring the popular action-platformer ever closer to a full-fledged release.

A number of new alien types have been added to the mix, including massive broodworms (not sure if this bro-pun works), framerate-gobbling mega sandworms, explosive eggs, jetpack mooks, and kamikaze screechers. In addition to the new content, online chat, boss health bars, and maggots have been thrown in as well. Finally, if you’re the type of person who enjoys Broforce’s creation tools, you’ll be happy to learn that quick triggers for aliens and bro-swapping have been added to the creative suite.

If you’re like us, you’ve been treating Broforce’s Early Access campaign like an episodic title, playing it in chunks as it’s released. Every few weeks brings us more levels and enemies to blow up, which is definitely never a bad thing.