Get Ready to Rumble with Pokémon Rumble World Launch Trailer

It was only announced a week ago, but the world is ready to rumble once again with Pokémon Rumble World. In the latest iteration of the popular franchise spin-off, you’re still trying to beat up other toy-like Pokémon, but this is done to expand the King’s collection.

Players will journey around the world and defeat wild Pokémon in order for them to become a part of your toy arsenal. Some of these creatures can even Mega Evolve, making battles even more exciting. If you’re ever in a jam, all you have to do is swap out your current Pokémon for another. Don’t let a bunch of little toys get the better of you.

Pokémon Rumble World is free to play and available to download now on the 3DS. Watch the launch trailer for the game below to get ready to rumble.