How to Defeat the Watcher Chieftain and the Merciless Watchers in Bloodborne

The Shadows of Yharnam were annoying for one simple reason: there were three of them. If you thought that Bloodborne was done with having multiple bosses take the place of a single boss, think again, as the Chalice Dungeon-based Watchers combine their talents to overwhelm their opponents. The thing is, these enemies aren’t extremely challenging on their own, but when a couple of attacks hit you at the same time, things can get a bit sticky. Chalice Dungeons don’t scale to New Game Plus, so if you’re a high-level Hunter, this, like every other early Chalice Dungeon fight will be a piece of cake. The assumption here is that you aren’t a high-level character blitzing their way through these optional dungeons, and that you’re a bit stuck on this particular battle. If this is the case, there are a few strategies and exploits that you can take advantage of in order to advance.

If your fight against the Watcher Chieftain and the Merciless Watchers takes place in a room with an elevated platform and a staircase, it’s possible to use poison knives on one or more of the bosses to take away their health without ever having to land a single melee attacks. This is a phenomenal way to turn a possibly overwhelming battle into a rather simple one, being that fighting two enemies is exactly 33% easier than fighting three (that’s some high level math right there). You’re also able use Oil Urns and Molotov Cocktails to hit these enemies from below without initiating the close-quarters battling, since they’re weak against fire, though this is slightly less effective than using poison.

watcher chieftan
The Watcher Chieftain is identified by his club-lantern combination, while the Merciless Watchers each have a unique weapon themselves, be it a gun or a simple melee weapon. The best strategy for taking them out through melee attacks is to take out one melee attacker before killing the Watcher wielding a firearm. By doing this, you give yourself an opportunity to face one melee enemy completely alone at the end of the fight, which makes Visceral Attacks rather simple due to telegraphed attack animations. Every Watcher has extremely slow attacks, so dodging them in order to get to their backs isn’t terribly difficult. The gun-wielding Merciless Watcher will lean forward whenever he fires his single shotgun blast, so dodging this attack is relatively simple. If you have a high area-of-effect weapon, like the two-handed Battle Axe, doing damage on all three enemies is risky, but doable. It’s also worth noting that, if you’re in a room with a staircase, you can lure these enemies downstairs one at a time with some careful planning.

Once you’ve taken each enemy out, whether through a conservative one-at-a-time strategy or aggressive area-of-effect tactics, you’ll spawn a checkpoint lamp, which gives you the ability to leave and return to this particular Chalice Dungeon at any time during your campaign.