Over $901 Billion Has Been Earned in Battlefield Hardline Since Launch

Battlefield Hardline launched March 17 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, and players have put in a lot of hours. EA and Visceral Games have released a new infographic showing some pretty impressive stats, including the fact that players have amassed over $901 billion in cash.

Over 2 billion minutes have been played, and 52% of the time the cops won. Players are particularly enjoying Hotwire, Battlefield Hardline’s new car-focused multiplayer mode. The classic Downtown map, which was included in the first beta back in June 2014, is the fan’s favorite. Meanwhile, the Operator class is the favorite among players, with the Enforcer coming in dead last.

Battlefield Hardline is a spin-off of Dice’s Battlefield franchise. Developed by Visceral Games, we found that Hardline may not revolutionize the Battlefield brand, but did fix many of the franchise’s problems. Plus, the game actually works.

Battlefield Hardline Infographic