Watch Us Stream Omega Quintet All Month Long

There are a slew of genres we cover here at Hardcore Gamer; and while each editor and contributor has their own gaming preferences, readers have probably noticed that some of us have a particular affinity for Japanese roleplaying games. Hence, it goes without being said that we cover nearly every JRPG released. Compile Heart’s upcoming PS4 title, Omega Quintet, will be no different. In fact, we were granted the first rights to stream the game with no parameters or limitations placed on the endeavor.

So what does this mean? Well, it’s simple: going forward, we will be dedicating certain evenings each week to streaming our playthrough of the title. Our first stream will begin tonight at 5pm PST and will be somewhere in the ballpark of one to two hours long. Each subsequent stream will follow this same formula, and of course by launch date, we will have a review ready for your reading pleasure (though we should note that the writer in charge of the review will not be the same as the editor conducting the stream, as they are already well into their playthrough of the game.)

Nevertheless, be sure to tune in tonight for a look at what the title has to offer, and our subsequent commentary on the experience.

And don’t forget, Omega Quintet launches on April 28 in North America, and May 1 in Europe, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Head over to Twitch to view the stream or check it out below:

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