How to Beat the Forgotten Madman & Madman’s Escort in Bloodborne

Bloodborne‘s Forgotten Madman and the Madman’s Escort feel designed to torment those who hate fighting other Hunters. If you’re the type of player that loves killing massive, hulking beasts and despises battles against faster enemies, then this particular encounter is going to be your worst nightmare. Like with every other boss fight, you’re going to want to make sure that you have as many Blood Vials and Quicksilver Bullets as possible; having Fire Paper and/or Bolt Paper will also help, since these can add to the amount of base damage that your main weapon deals out. The strategy for both the Forgotten Madman and the Madman’s Escort, two enemies that are basically the same, is relatively simple: dodge around them and attack their sides and backs before dodging some more.

When the battle begins, you’ll only face off against the Forgotten Madman, a tentacle-shooting Hunter-like foe who wields a modified version of Ludwig’s Holy Blade. There aren’t a great deal of attacks that you have to look out for as you deal damage; simply avoid his tentacle shots and hit him in waves of two or three attacks. Having a weapon that has either a high speed-of-attack or a large area-of-effect will allow you to maintain distance between you and the Forgotten Madman through either spacing or quick dodges. After doing enough damage to this particular foe, he’ll snap his smaller sword into its hilt and begin to attack you with the larger version of the Holy Blade. Once again, be sure to dodge all of his attacks, though it can be highly advantageous to shoot him mid-animation to initiate a Visceral Attack or two. Once he’s at roughly 25% of his health, the Madman’s Escort will spawn, making this fight roughly twice as difficult.

forgotten madman
The only real difference between the Forgotten Madman and the Madman’s Escort is the type of weapon they wield. While the Forgotten Madman has the aforementioned Ludwig’s Holy Blade, the Madman’s Escort has the popular Kirkhammer. Because the Forgotten Madman’s health is already much lower than that of this new foe, the best course of action would be to simply take out the first enemy before concentrating on his partner. To do this, either spam Blood Vials and aggressively kill the Forgotten Madman, or try and lure him over to you before dishing out a melee attack or two. Once the Forgotten Madman is dead, follow the same strategy from the previous paragraph for the Madman’s Escort, and this fight will be as good as over.