How to Kill the Bloodletting Beast in Bloodborne

Anyone who has had some level of success in Bloodborne knows that patience is definitely the name of the game. If you rush into any new situation like a lunatic, chances are that a swift and untimely death will be yours in due time. No boss fight illustrates the importance of patience quite like the battle against the Bloodletting Beast in Bloodborne‘s Chalice Dungeons. For the impatient Hunters out there, this fight will prove to be an obnoxious challenge; conversely, if you’re someone who is okay with taking your time and picking your battles, this fight is as simple as it gets. Luckily for you, we have all the tips you need to be successful against this pesky Chalice Dungeon boss.

During the first phase of this fight, the Bloodletting Beast will swipe at you while lunging directly in your direction. If you’re looking to get a few hits in, which isn’t inadvisable, simply dodge around to its back and attack whichever of its legs is closest to you. However, if you opt for a more defensive strategy, namely one that involves dodging directly backwards, opportunities for Visceral Attacks will often open up. The Bloodletting Beast’s weak-point is its head, and every time you can do significant damage to it, you’ll find yourself with a vulnerable, stunned enemy. Whenever it attempts to bit you, use this opportunity to initiate a Visceral Attack for massive damage. By combining defensive tactics with the occasional skull attack, you’ll be able to whittle down the Bloodletting Beast’s health without taking much, if any damage.

bloodletting beast
After a while, the Bloodletting Beast will throw a ground-pound attack into his arsenal of swipes and bites. These maneuvers are easy to dodge if you either lock on and use the Old Hunter Bone, or simply remain unlocked and roll out of the way. Timing your dodges correctly will open up a number of opportunities to get under this hulking foe, thus making his legs and hips extremely vulnerable. Still, even though getting under this boss is a phenomenal way to do damage in the short term, you should be very careful not to get caught up in a string of high-damage attacks. The Bloodletting Beast’s real damage comes when it traps you in a series of melee moves, so make sure to dodge out of the way when things start to get sticky. Remember: the key to this fight is being conservative, not aggressive. When in doubt, get out of the way, as this will keep you alive long enough to chip away at the Beast’s health bar.

After playing it safe, initiating Visceral Attacks, and occasionally doing damage to the Bloodletting Beast’s hind legs, you should wind up victorious. This fight might take you a while, even if you’re going through the Chalice Dungeons in New Game Plus, so try not to get discouraged.