Humble Weekly Tabletops Bundle Launches

For the first time ever, the Humble Bundle is focusing on tabletop games. The pay what you want tier includes Small World 2: Complete Pack, Magnifico, Talisman Digital Edition and its Frostmarch Expansion. Paying $7 or more gets you that along with Catan: Creator’s Edition, Ticket to Ride: Complete Pack, and 100% Orange Juice with the Syura and Nanako Character Pack.

Paying $32 or more gets you a physical goodie box that includes a deck of cards, five 6-sided dice, and five Humble Bundle-inspired game tokens, including one for Raz from Psychonauts and Bandage Girl from Super Meat Boy for use with Monopoly. If you’re into literal table top games, then that’s an appealing extra – otherwise, the less-expensive tiers have a lot to offer fans of the genre.