Little Devil Inside Gets Steam Greenlight; Debut Trailer

The developers at Neostream have released some footage of their game Little Devil Inside today after receiving the  greenlight from Steam. The devs have also shed some small  light to the multiplayer capabilities rooted within this multi-faceted and adorably colorful world.

With a light-hearted art design and a gigantic, Skyrim-like field of exploration, Little Devil Inside is an RPG that welcomes a player’s initial instincts while traveling the world. As you hack, slash or shoot enemies, the trailer also shows off some enticing fishing and campfire moments. Oh, and sometimes a butler travels with you to slay. or hide from, dragons.


“We want to create a world for players to feel, interact and come to terms with gradually through their engagement rather than throwing in a pre-defined setting with pre-defined plots, giving them a sword and just let them hack away for rewards,” Neostream wrote.

“Although guided by a multiple mission-driven system, it will still be up to you. Journey through the wilderness – explore cities, forests, mountains and deserts. Meet with new characters, hire assistants, camp & rest, take cover from Mother Nature and even meet with other players!”

There’s no word of an official release, especially since the trailer clearly notes that the game is in it’s early stages. Descriptions of the game also point to a lot of convoluted concepts that sounds hard to implement in the entire game. However, we have our hopes that this beautiful looking gem will play out like Neostream says it does.

Peep the awfully adorable and action packed trailer for Little Devil Inside below.