Pokémon Rumble World Should Fare Better Thanks to amiibo

With every new generation of Pokémon comes a revamping of its spin-off titles. The pinball, puzzle and dungeon games all received sequels adding new Pokémon each time. The same goes for the newly released Pokémon Rumble World.

Pokémon Rumble first debuted in 2009, followed by Pokémon Rumble Blast and later Pokémon Rumble U. Each game received average scores and only appealed to hardcore fans of the franchise. The Wii U game is able to read NFC chips in the little Pokémon figures they came out with, allowing for extra help within the games’ battles. With the same technology used in Nintendo’s popular amiibo line, those figures are also able to help out.


Fans have already checked out what happens when using an amiibo on Pokémon Rumble U. The resulting Pokémon are always random. Your Pikachu amiibo may summon a Mesprit or Vileplume and Mario can make a Wartortle appear but not always. The idea of randomly generated help is fun and exciting but having a predetermined Pokémon emerge from an amiibo could be an even better way of cross-promoting the two.

For Pokémon Rumble World, there are monsters from the most recent generation as well as Mega Evolutions. amiibo could be a game changer. The new Super Mario Bros. line of them just came out and the more amiibo there are, the better. If every single different amiibo figure contained its own special stats or abilities, fans who own the Rumble World will want those toys. For example, using a new Splatoon amiibo will only generate a Dragalge capable of unleashing powerful Sludge Bomb attacks. Even other Pokémon have their own amiibo figures so maybe the only way to use Mega Evolutions in the game could be to use the amiibo figures. For example, Lucario and Charizard amiibo can cause those Pokémon to go mega in the game.


Pokémon Rumble World is looking solid in the early stages. Using the latest generation of Pokémon and including mega forms is a clear upgrade to the Rumble formula. Since it’s already been released on the 3DS, an update of the game could allow it to be played on the New 3DS with amiibo support. Maybe even throw some cross-connectivity into the mix. No matter what they do, the basics will remain the same and the continued use of NFC devices should keep the game feeling fresh.