Microsoft Plans to Save You Cash with Xbox One Power Saving Options

Microsoft has announced some new changes to the Xbox One’s power saving options which they think can save gamers between six and 15 dollars per year.

The Xbox One has had an “Instant-on” feature available since launch, which keeps the console in a sleep state instead of turning off completely, allowing it to turn on more quickly and update as patches are released instead of whenever a player turns on their console, postponing their play session. The only problem with “Instant-on” is that it constantly drains power, which in turn costs gamers money.

The official Xbox media site stated that average US users spend an average of 6.50 to 15.50 dollars per year using “Instant-on” about 26 to 62 cents per year using the “Energy-saving” mode, which powers down the system completely.

“While we believe Instant-on provides the best experience for our fans, we also believe in providing consumer choice which is why we offered the ‘Energy-saving’ mode. This lower power state consumes less energy and can save customers an average of $6 to $15 in energy costs per year in the U.S. This mode does not provide the added value of background updating,” Microsoft said through their media site Xbox Wire.

Microsoft now prompts new Xbox One owners to choose whether or not the instant start-up is worth the extra cash whenever. Current Xbox One owners can change their power consumption using the power & start up tab under their Xbox One’s settings tab.