No Pineapple Left Behind Shows off Updated Look in New Trailer

No Pineapple Left Behind had a tough year thanks to a Kickstarter that didn’t make its goals, but that didn’t mean work ground to a halt in a cloud of dark despair.  Instead, Subaltern Games soldiered on, thanks to getting a publishing deal with Mastertronic, working on turning the the ideas first shown off in its initial video into something that looks much sharper.  Now there’s a new video that’s vastly improved from its initial offerings, much more lively and far more detailed, but still focused on the difficulties inherent in managing a school full of pineapples.

Pineapples are easy.  They take tests, get grades, and are generally uncomplicated.  You can turn a nice profit on uncomplicated, running a school full of pineapples.  It’s much, much harder to turn children into the folding green, because they’ve got wants, needs, and desires.  Unfortunately the pineapples are in danger of turning back into children if you aren’t constantly up on dehumanizing them, keeping them the produce of a machine rather than the people they’d become with proper care and attention.  Process your pineapples, squeeze every penny, automate the system, and you just might complete the mission to take over every school district in the city.  Darkly entertaining as the social commentary may be, though, the entire game will hinge on how good a sim it is.  The video shows a lot of potential for fun stat tracking and manipulation, and I hope to have a hands-on opinion when the alpha goes live later this year.