Explore Dimensions, Trauma and Alcoholism in She Who Fights Monsters

It’s rare that a survival game depict the day-to-day lives of average folk. Ordinarily, genre-staples will feature wild animals, zombies, makeshift weapon crafting, zombies, hunting, zombies and, when all else fails, they’ll utilize zombies to heighten the tension.

She Who Fights Monsters is a different beast. The “Monsters” in its title aren’t undead and hungry. They’re more grounded in realism; monsters such as trauma, loneliness and fear. In She Who Fights Monsters, players will lead a young Jennifer through a week with her alcoholic father, the results of which will determine her future across one of three paths.

While the concept boasts the subtlety of a shaken hornets nest, players will travel through dimensions to unlock memories and explore a world inspired by the Silent Hill series.

For those interested in dipping into Jennifer’s psyche, She Who Fights Monsters is available as a free download by clicking these words, but a $5 donation will earn you a special edition booklet.