Magicka: Wizard Wars Launches With a Montage

Magicka: Wizard Wars thankfully continues the series’ tradition of bombastic, silly trailers by launching with a cheesy, ’80s-fueled montage. The game is available to play for free now, but a new game mode has been teased to be coming to the game on April 28.

Wizard Wars gives players a new progression and economy systems to play around with to accommodate its free-to-play model, as well as a try-before-you-buy system so you don’t waste money on stuff you might not end up liking.

Been trying, to win you back to play Wizard Wars, 
Wizard Simulator

Been training, to learn more spells so that I get scores, 
(or at least so you try our game ‘cause it’s free!)

Now see me, for i have become as handsome as can be, 
like a famous wizard!

Wizard Wars was Early Access but not for long, 
it’s surprisingly awesome, yeah!

Everything in life takes work, 
like developing games for free

Sweet gear and spells at level 50.
This song tells you that this game is free.