Unfair Jousting Fair Has Unicycles, Umbrellas and Hilarity

Jousting is probably the manliest sport outside of regulation human hunting. Jousters are armed with a massive pointy weapon, ride a beast of the wilds toward an angry opponent and either live to tell a story that maidens and bards will sing of for years, or die in a brutal and memorable clash of metal, guts and awesome.

Jousting on unicycles, on the other hand, is about as manly as graduating from clown college with a degree in balloon animals. It is, however, hilarious. And it’s what you’ll do in Unfair Jousting Fair, equipped with randomized weapons like umbrellas and brooms.

The goal, as in traditional jousting, is to knock your opponent from their hor…er, unicycle, and despite boasting quirky finger-painted backdrops, it’s painfully difficult. Unfair Jousting Fair requires the balance and dexterity of a skateboarding pediatric surgeon. It’s harder than sitting through an entire episode of Netflix’s Arrested Development reboot. It’s harder than threading a needle while playing the floor is lava at a burn victim care center with recently waxed floors. It’s harder than, well, you get the picture.

While you’re likely to spend a majority of the battle face-down in the dirt, it’s still a great time if you have friends with a sense of humor as immature as mine. So vote for Unfair Jousting Fair on Steam Greenlight and help make some weirdly specific dreams come true.