A-Train City Simulator Now Available for 3DS in North America

A series that hasn’t left its native territory very often, A-Train City Simulator for the Nintendo 3DS is now fully localized and available in North America courtesy of Natsume.

The latest in Artdink’s train simulation franchise, A-Train City Simulator¬† can now be purchased from the North American eShop, with Europe and Australia getting it within the next few days.

Here’s what the CEO of Natsume, Hiro Maekawa, had to say about the Western release of A-Train:

“Natsume feels strongly in providing players with unique gaming experiences, so when we got the opportunity to bring A-Train: City Simulator to 3DS gamers, we were totally on board! The game isn’t just about trains. It is a complete transportation and city simulation experience with very in-depth gameplay and attention to detail which Artdink is well known for.”