First-Person ‘Guitar Hero Live’ Reboot Revealed in Leak

With Harmonix jumping back into the plastic instrument game this year with the upcoming Rock Band 4, it seemed inevitable that Activision would follow suit. That indeed looks like it’s about to happen as it’s been revealed today via an early leak that Guitar Hero will be coming back in a big way.

“Guitar Hero Live” takes the main concept of the series and changes it up by presenting it in first-person. The traditional color notes will give way to six black and white notes divided into two rows. With the introduction of Guitar Hero Live, developmental duties will shift from the now-defunct Neversoft to FreeStyleGames, developers of the long dormant DJ Hero spin-off.

The news was leaked by French newspaper Le Monde, who briefly posted the story before yanking it down (the dead URL has an NDA in it, so it was seemingly posted too early).

We’ll follow the story and report back when we find out more.