Minesweeper-Inspired ManaCollect Comes to Steam This Week

Last month doujin (indie) publisher Fruitbat Factory announced that they were bringing ManaCollect to Steam. This action/puzzle game by Tazigen Clock is an action-styled version of Minesweeper with an anime aesthetic.

Instead of sweeping up bombs your goal in ManaCollect is to compete against other contestants on a gridded arena by collecting mana. Of course, the mana is hidden and can only be discovered via numerical hints. It’s hard – just like regular Minesweeper – but with a multiplayer edge.

You can play ManaCollect in single player via a four chapter storyline or jump into two player local multiplayer. The Steam release will come with Achievements, trading cards, controller support, and cloud support. ManaCollect will cost $6.99 when it launches on April 17.