Yacht Club Games Says No Physical Release for Shovel Knight Just Yet

Yacht Club Games has extinguished rumors circulating today about a physical release for Shovel Knight, the studio’s critically acclaimed debut title. Listings appeared on bestbuy.com this morning for retail versions of the game on Xbox One, PS4, and 3DS, but the indie studio took to Twitter to dispel the rumors, saying:

Despite this statement, however, the listings on bestbuy.com are still quite interesting. The site claims each version will release on September 15, well after the game is available on Xbox One, PS4, and 3DS. The fact that Yacht Club Games is “still looking into” a physical release could signal the studio isn’t quite ready to announce its plans, or perhaps that the details haven’t been worked out just yet. Whatever the case, it sounds like Shovel Knight could still enjoy a spell in stores in the future.