Beowulf Joins Skullgirls Cast on April 17

Things may quickly become out of date in this day and age, but DLC support has allowed fighting games to stay fresh and relevant. Mortal Kombat X may be the most talked about fighting game right now, but let’s not forget another brawler that has become an indie darling: Skullgirls.

It may be called Skullgirls, and it may have started out with an all-female cast, but things are heading towards a more equal opportunity playing field as the next DLC character to join the Skullgirls roster is a male fighter who goes by Beowulf. He may be named after a poetic epic, but this big dude is looking to bring the drama and theatrics of pro wrestling into Skullgirls.

Beowulf will be available on April 17 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of Skullgirls.

Check him out below: