GungHo Looking to Bring Game Arts Franchises to PC

At a certain point in history, developer Game Arts was a giant within the JRPG world. With mega series such as Grandia and Lunar, they were just as synonymous with Japanese roleplaying games as the studios we associate with the genre today. And while they are not as prominent in today’s scene as they once were, they are still churning out solid RPG endeavors, most notably their Ragnaroky Odyssey titles. But as much as we have enjoyed their newer projects, we still have found ourselves pining for the franchises that put the studio on the map, namely Lunar Silver Star Story and Eternal, as well as Grandia I, II, III and even Xtreme.

Well, it would seem that the fine folks over at GungHo Online Entertainment America, the company that now owns Game Arts, don’t plan to leave the past in the past. According to a new survey they just released yesterday, it would appear the company is gauging interest in which titles from Game Arts back-catalog folks would like to see re-released via some kind of PC platform (be that Steam or otherwise). The company is leaving it totally in the hands of the players, thus they’re wanting to hear from all of you.

So head on over to the website and fill out the survey and let GungHo know which IPs you’d like to see resurrected; and with any luck, we’ll see some kind of HD re-release of our personal favorites Grandia 2 and Lunar Silver Star Story Complete sometime in the near future (though in truth, we’ll take just about any Game Arts title — they’re all quite lovely).