Gaijinworks’ Next Game Announcement Announced

Gaijinworks has been up to something for a while.  It’s been known since before Class of Heroes 2G on PS3 that they had another, completely different from the CoH series, game in the works, but other than it being a title that never managed to leave the PSP in Japan there was no other clue as to what it could be.  That period is finally about to come to an end this coming week with the announcement of Mysterious Game of ?.  Rumors suggest the Far East of Eden Collection, which is the first few games in the series in emulated form, or Far East of Eden: Fourth Apocalypse, which is a complete recreation of the Saturn game for the PSP.  On the one hand, getting the whole series from the start would be nice, on the other, Fourth Apocalypse was re-built from the ground up for the system and can stand on its own.

Alternately, it may be neither of the two.  We’ll find out this week for sure, and whatever it may be it should be a fun bit of oddness, albeit one requiring a fair bit of patience to see translated to completion.