Twitch Streamer Beats Bloodborne Using Only a Rock Band Controller

Bloodborne is hard — like, really hard.  Or at least, that’s what I thought until I saw a video of Twitch streamer Benjamin “bearzly” Gwin beat the game using only a Rock Band guitar controller and a lot of determination.

This isn’t Gwin’s first foray the dark world of using alternative controllers to beat insanely difficult games.  He’s beaten both Dark Souls 1 and 2 using the Rock Band guitar and drums, and he’s even beaten the original Dark Souls with the Gamecube game Donkey Konga’s bongo drum peripheral.

Using ConsoleTuner’s Titan One USB device, Gwin was able to play the PS4 title using an Xbox 360 guitar controller.  Gwin mapped each of the buttons on the guitar to a corresponding PS4 button, including tilting the guitar to signal the game to move the left stick to the right.

You can watch Gwin’s harrowing journey rocking through the world of Bloodborne in the video below or see more controller exploits on his YouTube channel.