Fan Ports Snatcher to Virtual Boy

PlanetVB member Thunderstruck has partially ported Snatcher to the Virutal Boy. He says the project has taken him a year or about 200-300 hours, and he’s still not done.

So far he’s completed a demo up until the Alton Plaza area and says that the The Jordan Computer, inventory and shooting games are fully working. The only features that he’s had to skip are the save feature and the video phone, but plans to implement them as well.

Here are some other feature of the port:

  • Dynamic dialog system with alternating answers
  • Dynamic inventory (Select button) that reacts to people in the room
  • Every image has been converted to 3D
  • PCM music and sound effects
  • In game Jordan computer fully working
  • Shooting games fully ported

Unfortunately this project is in remembrance of another PlanetVB user, Red Metal. Thunderstruck says that almost exactly one year ago someone had posted saying that Red Metal had passed away and in honor of him Thunderstruck decided to complete what Red Metal started. Below are screens and a video of the demo thus far. Thunderstruck knows the demo isn’t perfect and also plans to polish the game even if it takes him until the 25th anniversary of the Virtual Boy. You can read his post about the matter and download the demo here.