Postal 2 DLC Blasts Double Fine, Portrays Tim Schafer as Sexual Deviant

Running With Scissors seems to really hate Tim Schafer. Of course, those who have played, watched videos or even that unfortunate Uwe Boll adaption know that Postal pulls no punches and is an equal opportunity offender, but the amount of Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions hatred packed in Postal 2: Paradise Lost simply must be seen to be believed.

The first jab comes in from of a framed poster of a game called “Wastebase DP-0.” The tagline reads “a simulation of a concept of a complete game” with quotes from the publisher’s CEO that state “Meh…it’s good enough!” and “Lattes are expensive, you know?” The poster is clearly parodying Spacebase DF-9, Double Fine’s abandoned, unfinished game.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Another poster is for a game called “Psychonuts” with the tagline “The seminal adventure that’ll squeeze trusting fans for years to come.” Clearly, this is trolling Psychonauts and the fact that its goodwill has inspired legions of Schafer devotees.

The most insipid dig is at Schafer himself. A game developer who is clearly modeled after him can be found in the game working on a “Punchstarter” for “Loot n $tash.” His office is complete with donuts and sex toys.

The fact that Running with Scissors seem to not respect Schafer does not come as much of a surprise, considering that the studios comes from two schools of thought. Running With Scissors is one of the original indie gaming developers and predominantly self-funded and promoted. Double Fine, on the other hand, rely on crowdfunding and focuses on social media.

When it comes to Postal, clearly nobody is safe from its judgmental gaze.