WWE Titles Coming Soon to 3DS?

Wrestling video games don’t show up much on handheld systems, most likely for the hardware’s lack of graphical realism (not that wrestling is fake though). It’s definitely pretty tough to show high-flying, body-slamming action on such a small scale. However, that could all change soon as WWE might be elbow dropping the handheld market in the near future.

WWE 2K15 has already launched for multiple platforms and according to this recent job posting by WWE, it could very well make its way to the 3DS. The position calls for a production assistant for digital games and requires someone with knowledge of various video game platforms; one of which being the 3DS. Candidates are expected to record and edit captured video footage, skills necessary for making watchable trailers out of the 3DS’s low-res visuals. The text seems to list the 3DS only as an example of video game systems, but little details on job openings like this one have led to some interesting surprises. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out but seeing a Rock Bottom in 3D wouldn’t be too bad.


Also included in the job vacancy is mention of PC games. We announced back in September that WWE 2K15 will be coming to PC, so hopefully this is a small step in that direction. Time will tell what will happen with both versions and as long as we don’t make it to 2016 before time runs out we won’t have to chokeslam anybody.