NBA 2K15 Gets Free Weekend For Xbox Live Gold Members

To commemorate the NBA playoffs, 2K is giving Xbox Live members a free weekend of NBA 2K15 play. From April 24 through April 27, Xbox Live Gold members will be able to play the entire game for free. After the weekend’s free time frame is up, you can either buy the game online on the Xbox Store or buy it in physical form from a retailer to continue your progress.

The NBA 2K15 bundle will be available for 40% off of its usual price for the weekend as well. This gets you the game plusĀ  15,000 VC bucks for about $39. That’s about the going rate of the game on its own at Amazon. Anyone with even a passing interest in the game should at least check it out for free, and then it if grabs you, buy the whole game either now or down the line for a heavily-discounted rate.