TERA: Fate of Arun Steam Release and Gunner Class Announced

En Masse Entertainment’s award winning MMO that first hit in 2011 is finally coming to the biggest PC service. TERA originally launched with a monthly subscription, but quickly was converted into a free-to-play model very similar to other games in the genre. That didn’t stop En Masse Entertainment from continuing to release content as their latest significant update, Fate of Arun, is receiving a new class.

“We can’t wait for players to get their hands on the new gunner class,” said En Masse Entertainment Producer Patrick “Treeshark” Sun. “With her powerful AoE attacks, big-ass arccannons, and summoned constructs, the gunner brings a lot of new elements to the table gameplay-wise, while still requiring the attention to positioning, the timing, and the skill that define TERA’s True Action Combat.”

The gunner class is a quick moving, high-DPS, ranged individual that will lay waste to enemies. In addition to this class, the Steam version of TERA finally has a release date. The game has been in “Upcoming” section for what seems like years now, but finally we know when it’s coming: May 5.