Two New Bots Revealed for ‘Mayan Death Robots’

Hungry for a new artillery game (Scorched Earth, Worms, etc)? Developer Sileni Studios are currently whipping up a new game by the name of Mayan Death Robots. As the name implies, robots have come and turned a Mayan setting into their battleground.

A new video reveals two of the latest combatants: Huracan and Tohil. Huracan is a playable character, while Tohil is one of the bosses. Choosing Huracan will grant you the power of tornadoes and sonic pulses. Those are a great way to screw up the enemy’s positioning. Mayan Death Robots is pegged for release on Steam this Summer.

Curious to see more? Take a look at the character review trailer. It’s a bit long, but also showcases a good chunk of Mayan Death Robots gameplay if this is your first run-in with it: