Check Out These Incredible New Xenoblade Chronicles X Screens

Like most of the gaming world, we absolutely can’t wait to get our hands on Xenoblade Chronicles X. Those lucky enough to live in Japan will have that opportunity next week, but us westerners are still living without a release date. To tide you over (or completely engulf you in envy), Monolith Soft has released the latest set of screenshots from the upcoming Wii U exclusive. As has become the norm, they’re positively breathtaking.

This time focusing on the more dark and desolate locales of Xenoblade Chronicles X’s world, these latest screens show off a couple hulking enemies, enormous mountains, and bubbling lava, a stark departure from the bright and lively vistas we’ve seen thus far. Like its predecessor on Wii (and now New 3DS as well), Xenoblade Chronicles X promises to be an immense adventure full of all sorts of sights, monsters, and mystery, and hopefully we’ll be exploring every inch of it before year’s end.

Check out the latest screens for yourself below: