Game of Thrones Ascent ‘Fire & Blood’ Ascent Expansion Launches Today

With Game of Thrones Season 5 off to an explosive start, Disruptor Beam has announced the launch of a brand new expansion for its hit community-centric mobile & web game, Game of Thrones Ascent. The expansion, “Fire & Blood,” is available today on iOS and the web.

The second major expansion to the game, Fire & Blood allows players to grow their dragons, and travel across a new interactive map while engaging with iconic tales from the show, including Daenerys’ sack of the slaver cities, Robb Stark’s march on King’s Landing, and the Night’s Watch ranging North of the Wall.

Since the game’s launch in 2013, more than 10 million Game of Thrones fans have played Game of Thrones Ascent, creating more than 15 million in-game characters and diving into the game’s  socially-driven features.