Steam Workshop Petition Reaches 60k Signatures

At the time of writing this, a petition to remove paid content from the Steam Workshop has reached approximately 59,500 signatures in less than one day.

On April 23, Valve introduced the ability to list The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim modifications as paid content through Steam Workshop, with planned support for other games. The controversial decision has since spawned heated debates, mod theft, trolls, and now the petition.

In its letter to Valve Corporation and ZeniMax Media, the undersigned state that “we hope to change your mind about what you are doing because this will make a lot of your trusted customers and players unhappy.

This development can create a huge hole in the PC gaming community. It will also flood the Workshop with thousands more “mods” that will literally do nothing productive to the game. This will also hurt your companies reputation.”

It is yet unclear whether or not the petition will move the two companies to withdraw their support for paid mods; however, Valve also encourage consumers to reach out with comments and complaints through their official contact form.

  • Scott Harper

    Based on how poorly the letter from the undersigned appear to have been written, I can’t imagine that either company will take it very seriously. Also, they have failed to convince me that this is necessarily a bad move. Like I seriously don’t get why some people are angry about this.

  • Gloriam

    Then you clearly haven’t done any research, because this is just another type of DLC to milk us dry of our money, modders that deserve money for a mod well done will only get paid 25% for their hard work, only the guys who make 3 euro swords that took a week to make or they stole from someone on Nexus will be happy with this.

    “Don’t buy it” Isn’t a good excuse, Elder Scrolls games have a history for being bugged, having very strange design choices that are counter productive on PC, Mods help to fix these issues, like SkyUI, which is also currently being sold on the workshop.

    This only benefits Valve and Bethesda which earn tons of cash for doing absolutely nothing.

  • James

    The letter opens with “The workshop is a place for people to share content with each other they made so all can enjoy it for free.”

    So it starts off with an assumption that’s been proven to be untrue by the fact that paid mods exist. It’s like saying you can’t use throws in fighting games. Just because someone makes up rules in their head doesn’t mean those rules actually exist.

  • ShadowFang

    There’s too many talented people doing too much for this industry for free, be it modders or entire indie studios. You should never do something for free if you’re good at it, and talent deserves some compensation. Entitled little asshats besides, this is a good move; regardless of who gets the cut (because Valve does supply the distribution platform & opportunity, while Bethesda/Zenimax provides the game, naturally). If people even want to charge for their work, they should absolutely do so and not feel bad about it.

    Weeding out the cheapskates who seek to devalue everything and complain about it in turn is only a good thing, far as I’m concerned. I don’t know why people are so, so dumb out there, but it’s annoying. This is almost certainly the dumbest petition on this week – I do hope no one at Valve is seriously taking a look at this. Just shrug it off, y’all. The babies will move onto something else stupid to rage about tomorrow.

    • Joe

      Question: do you have a stake in this dog fight? Are you a paid mod maker on Steam, or considering it?

  • Necromonger

    Its nearing 110k now.

    Valve doesnt care they have seen the light $$$$$$$