Help Greenlight ‘Tin Star’, the Lengthiest Interactive Novel Ever

While visual novels see increased acceptance in the general gaming population, the interactive fiction genre has yet to really break out of its fandom. What’s the difference between the two? Typically, interactive fiction/novels include no imagery and are pure text-based experiences.

Tin Star is a western mystery novel where you get to play as a U.S. marshal. You’ll need to uphold the law against outlaws, but more than that, discover a huge conspiracy through your journey. Players shape the story by the choices they make, leading toward one of multiple endings.

One of the most impressive aspects is that author Allen Gies poured 1.3 million words into Tin Star. One playthrough clocks in around 800,000 words read. If you’d like to test the waters, download the demo which includes three chapters for free. Then, consider heading over to Greenlight to help get more interactive fiction onto Steam.